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Summary of Foreign Exchange and Money Markets by Bob Steiner

Highlights of “Foreign Exchange and Money Markets”

1. Forex Market:

  • Forex is a decentralized worldwide currency exchange.
  • It runs 24/7.
  • Banks, businesses, central banks, and traders are major participants.

2. Forex Market Functions:

  • Converts currencies for international trade and investment.
  • Hedging currency risks.
  • Allows speculation and arbitrage.

3. Spot and forward markets:

  • Spot market exchanges currencies at the current exchange rate.
  • Forward market currency exchange contracts are predetermined.

4. Foreign Exchange Rate:

  • Forex supply and demand determine exchange rates.
  • Interest rates, inflation, political stability, and economic indicators affect currency rates.

5. Currency trading instruments:

  • Currency pairs: USD/EUR, GBP/JPY, etc.
  • Options: Contracts that provide the holder the right, but not the duty, to purchase or sell currencies at a predetermined price.
  • Futures: Pre-arranged currency purchases and sales.

6. Money-Market Instruments:

  • Treasury bills: Government-issued short-term debt.
  • Bank CDs: Time deposits.
  • Commercial paper: Unsecured corporate short-term debt.

7. Market Players:

  • Commercial banks: Currency exchange market leaders.
  • Central banks: Control money supply and interfere in Forex markets to stabilize exchange rates.
  • Corporations: Trade internationally and manage currency risks with Forex.
  • Speculators: Trade Forex.

8. Forex Risk Management:

  • Hedging: Using financial instruments to counter currency losses.
  • Forward contracts, options, and currency swaps.

9. Market Regulation:

  • Governments regulate forex markets.
  • Regulations ensure fair trading, transparency, and market stability.

10. Currency markets:

  • Currency markets include USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and CHF.
  • Geopolitics and economics affect currency markets.

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