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Graphic Design – The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering The Art Of Graphic Design PDF download free link is available in this article. Below, you may read this book’s summary to understand the basic concept. Furthermore, using the Download PDF link, you can get The Beginners Guide to Graphic Design PDF Download at our free book library website, PDFRat. You can even read PDF books online at our website.

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  • PDF Name: Graphic Design
  • Author: Jennifer Inston
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2015
  • Pages: 90
  • File Size: 1.67 MB
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  • PDF File Name: Graphic-Design-The-Ultimate-Beginners-Guide-To-Mastering-The-Art-Of-Graphic-Design.pdf
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  • Category of the Book: Art & Design
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Summary of Graphic Design by Jennifer Inston

“Graphic Design: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Art of Graphic Design” highlights.

  • Introduction to Graphic Design:
  1. Graphic design’s role in numerous sectors.
  2. Graphic designers create visual communication.
  • Elements of Graphic Design:
  1. Explanation of graphic design basics, including:
  2. Space, line, shape, color, and texture.
  3. How these elements make attractive designs.
  • Principles of Graphic Design:
  1. Graphic design fundamentals, including:
  2. Balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and unity.
  3. Design project examples and advice.
  • Typography:
  1. Typography’s importance in graphic design.
  2. Fonts, styles, and design.
  3. Font matching advice for harmonious designs.
  • Color Theory:
  1. Color theory for graphic design.
  2. Color schemes, color psychology, and its effects on emotions and messages.
  3. Color-selection and-combination advice.
  • Layout and Composition:
  1. Structured layout and composition instructions.
  2. Rules of thirds, grid systems, and other graphic arrangement methods.
  3. Design balance and visual hierarchy tips.
  • Branding and Identity Design:
  1. Branding and visual identity.
  2. Logo design, brand principles, and brand consistency.
  3. Branding success stories.
  • Designing for Different Media:
  1. Print, web, social media, and other digital design exploration.
  2. Designing for different media forms and devices.
  3. Medium-optimized design tips.
  • Graphic Design Tools and Software:
  1. Popular graphic design tools and software.
  2. Features, capabilities, and best practices.
  • Professional Tips and Resources:
  1. Portfolios, networking, and industry trends for budding graphic designers.
  2. Recommendations for study and inspiration.
  • Conclusion:
  1. Guide summary.
  2. Encouragement to keep learning graphic design.

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