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  • PDF Name: Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables Del Liderazgo
  • Author: John C. Maxwell
  • Book’s Language: Spanish
  • Published Year: 1998
  • Pages: 132
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Summary of Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables Del Liderazgo by John C. Maxwell

Highlights from “Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables Del Liderazgo”


  • Document titled “Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables Del Liderazgo.”
  • Discusses 21 unquestionable leadership laws.

The Law of the Lid is Law 1.

  • Effective leadership is crucial for success.
  • Limited potential due to low leadership lid.

The Law of Influence (Law 2):

  • The essence of leadership is influence.
  • Leadership is measured by its impact on others.

In Law 3, we discuss the Law of Process:

  • Leadership is ongoing, not a one-time event.
  • Development and growth are essential.

Law 4: Navigation Law:

  • Leaders guide their teams.
  • Navigation is essential for goal achievement.

Law 5 was the Law of Addition:

  • Leaders provide value to others.
  • Effective leaders make a good impact.

Law 6: Solid Ground law:

  • Leadership is built on trust.
  • Effective leadership requires trustworthiness.

The Law of Respect Law 7:

  • Followers follow stronger leaders.
  • Respect is acquired via competence.

Law 8 on Intuition:

  • Leaders use intuition to assess situations.
  • Experience improves intuitive decision-making.

The Law of Magnetism (Law 9):

  • Attract others with your true self.
  • Leadership attracts like-minded folks.

Law 10: Connection Law:

  • Leaders touch a heart before requesting a hand.
  • Effective leadership requires building relationships.

Law 11: A Law of the Inner Circle:

  • A leader’s potential depends on their inner group.
  • Surrounding oneself with the proper people is essential.

The Law of Empowerment (Law 12):

  • Only secure leaders empower others.
  • Empowering team members promotes progress.

Law 13: The Law of Pictures:

  • People obey what they see.
  • Leaders demonstrate by example.

Law 14: Buy-In Law:

  • People support the leader over the vision.
  • Credibility in leadership is crucial for commitment.

Law 15: Victory Law:

  • Leaders help the team win.
  • A winning mindset is essential for success.

Law 16: Momentum Law:

  • Momentum is a leader’s closest friend.
  • Leaders seize constructive momentum.

Law 17: Priorities:

  • Leaders appreciate the importance of priorities.
  • Effective leaders prioritize what counts.

The Law of Sacrifice (Law 18):

  • A leader must surrender to rise.
  • Sacrifices advance leadership.

The Law of Timing (Law 19):

  • When to lead is as crucial as what to do.
  • Timing improves leadership effectiveness.

Law 20 addresses explosive growth:

  • Lead followers to grow; multiply leaders to lead.
  • Developing leaders drive exponential growth.

The Law of Legacy: Law 21

  • Durable leadership is measured by succession.
  • The ultimate leadership goal is to leave a positive legacy.

This summary summarises the document’s 21 leadership laws, encompassing key principles for effective and influential leadership.

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