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  • PDF Name: Music by the Numbers
  • Author: Eli Maor
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2018
  • Pages: 176
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Summary of Music by the Numbers by Eli Maor

“Music by the Numbers: From Pythagoras to Schoenberg” highlights.

  • “Music by the Numbers: From Pythagoras to Schoenberg” examines the history of music and mathematics.
  • The book explores the mathematical concepts behind musical harmony, rhythm, and composition, showcasing the work of numerous scholars, composers, and mathematicians.
  • Pythagoras’ musical discoveries start the paper. Pythagoras developed the Pythagorean tuning system to explain music using mathematical ratios and harmonies.
  • It explains intervals and how ratios create consonant or discordant sounds. The author analyzes intervals’ role in tonality and emotion in various musical traditions.
  • The document discusses musical notation system development and math. It explores the evolution of staff notation, including clefs, note durations, and key signatures.
  • The author explains how scales and modes are built mathematically and how they create different musical flavors. The text covers major, minor, and derived scales.
  • The text discusses mathematics in counterpoint, harmony, and chord progressions. It explains the mathematical basis behind beautiful harmonic progressions and famous composers who utilized mathematical frameworks.
  • Arnold Schoenberg and modern music theory are examined. Schoenberg’s twelve-tone method, based on math, sought to break with tonality.
  • Digital signal processing, computer-generated music, and algorithmic composition use mathematics in music technology. Mathematical algorithms build musical patterns and open new creative avenues.
  • It finishes by underlining how mathematical concepts help us understand music and its universal language.

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