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Oxford English Grammar Course – A grammar practice book for advanced students of English with answers PDF download free link is available in this article. Below, you may read this book’s summary to understand the basic concept. Furthermore, using the Download PDF link, you can get Oxford English Grammar Course at our free book library website, PDFRat. You can even read PDF books online at our website.

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  • PDF Name: Oxford English Grammar Course
  • Author: Michael Swan & Catherine Walter
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2011
  • Pages: 362
  • File Size: 49.34 MB
  • Downloads Type: Free PDF Download Books
  • PDF File Name: Oxford-English-Grammar-Course-Advanced-PDFRat-.pdf
  • Read PDF Online: Read Oxford English Grammar Course Book PDF Online
  • Category of the Book: Education
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Summary of Oxford English Grammar Course by Michael Swan & Catherine Walter

“Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced” Document highlights:

  1. Comprehensive English Grammar Course: The document is an advanced English grammar course titled “Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced.”
  2. Targeted Audience: The course is designed for learners who have a solid understanding of English grammar and want to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in the language.
  3. Structured Approach: The course follows a well-organized structure, covering various aspects of advanced English grammar systematically.
  4. Grammar Topics: The document delves into a wide range of advanced grammar topics, including verb tenses, clauses, sentence structures, modals, conditionals, reported speech, passive voice, and more.
  5. Detailed Explanations: Each grammar topic is explained in detail, providing clear explanations, examples, and usage guidelines to help learners understand and apply the concepts effectively.
  6. Practice Exercises: The course includes numerous practice exercises throughout the document to reinforce the learning and provide learners with opportunities to apply the grammar rules and concepts they have studied.
  7. Answer Keys: The document provides answer keys for the practice exercises, allowing learners to check their answers and assess their progress.
  8. Language Functions: In addition to grammar, the course also focuses on developing learners’ language functions, such as expressing opinions, giving advice, making suggestions, and engaging in discussions.
  9. Vocabulary Enhancement: The document incorporates vocabulary exercises and activities to help learners expand their word choices and improve their overall language proficiency.
  10. Speaking and Writing Skills: The course emphasizes the development of speaking and writing skills, providing guidance on how to apply advanced grammar concepts in practical contexts.
  11. Self-Study or Classroom Use: The document can be used for self-study or as a resource in a classroom setting, providing learners with flexibility in their learning approach.
  12. Additional Resources: The course may include additional resources such as audio recordings, supplementary exercises, and reference materials to further support learners’ progress.

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