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  • PDF Name: Physical Chemistry
  • Author: Gilbert William Castellan
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 1964
  • Pages: 1038
  • File Size: 24.49 MB
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  • PDF File Name: physical-chemistry-PDFRat-.pdf
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Summary of Physical Chemistry by Gilbert William Castellan

The physical chemistry document covers many topics. Content highlights:

1. Introduction to Physical Chemistry:

  • Physical chemistry studies matter’s physical and chemical properties and transformations.
  • It analyzes atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions using physics and chemistry.

2. Atomic Structure:

  • The text describes atomic structure, including electron, proton, and neutron organization.
  • It discusses the periodic table’s role in atomic characteristics.

3. Thermodynamics:

  • Physical chemistry relies on thermodynamics, which the text explains.
  • Energy, heat transmission, work, entropy, and thermodynamics are studied.

4. Chemical Balance:

  • Chemical equilibrium, reversible processes, and the equilibrium constant are explained.
  • Temperature, pressure, and concentration affect equilibrium.

5. Chemical kinetics:

  • The document discusses chemical kinetics, which studies chemical reaction rates.
  • Reaction rates, rate laws, reaction processes, and rate factors are examined.

6. Quantum Mechanics:

  • It discusses quantum mechanics and physical chemistry.
  • It covers wave-particle duality, quantum numbers, electron orbitals, and the Schrödinger equation.

7. Spectroscopy:

  • Physical chemistry relies on spectroscopy, and the text describes various methods.
  • UV-visible, infrared, and NMR spectroscopy are covered.

8. Electrochemistry:

  • Electrochemistry examines electricity and chemical processes.
  • Redox processes, electrochemical cells, electrode potentials, and electrolysis are covered.

9. Solid-state chemistry:

  • Solid state chemistry, which studies solid material properties and structures, is introduced.
  • Crystal structures, lattice energy, and solid defects are covered.

10. Solution Chemistry:

  • The document covers concentration units, colligative qualities, and solubility of solutions.
  • It describes molarity, molality, osmotic pressure, and the ideal gas law.

11. Physical Chemistry Applications:

  • Physical chemistry is used in materials science, environmental chemistry, and pharmaceutical research.

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