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  • PDF Name: The Music Business and Digital Impacts
  • Author: Daniel Nordgård
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2018
  • Pages: 144
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  • PDF File Name: The-Music-Business-and-Digital-Impacts-Innovations-and-Disruptions-in-the-Music-Industries-PDFRat-.pdf
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Summary of The Music Business and Digital Impacts by Daniel Nordgård

“The Music Business and Digital Impacts: Innovations and Disruptions in the Music Industries” Key Points

  1. The report examines the music industry’s digital upheavals.
  2. It shows how digital technology have changed the music industry.
  3. Digital music platforms and streaming services have transformed music consumption and distribution, the authors say.
  4. They stress adjusting to the digital landscape and using new technology to increase revenue and audience reach.
  5. Record firms and artists face digital problems in the document.
  6. It discusses “disintermediation” and how artists can now directly communicate with fans via social media, circumventing gatekeepers.
  7. Technology has made music production and dissemination easier for independent musicians, which the authors explain.
  8. The document examines how streaming services affect revenue models and the opportunities and difficulties they bring to artists and industry professionals.
  9. Data analytics and insights improve music business decision-making and marketing.
  10. The document discusses AI and machine learning in music creation, curation, and recommendation systems.
  11. It discusses digital music platform legal and copyright issues, including piracy and unlicensed distribution.
  12. The writers examine the shift from physical to digital music consumption and streaming.
  13. In the digital age, the music industry must adapt and innovate.
  14. It discusses future music business trends and upheavals.

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