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  • PDF Name: Time Travel And Warp Drives
  • Author: Allen Everett & Thomas Roman
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  • Published Year: 2011
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Summary of Time Travel And Warp Drives by Allen Everett & Thomas Roman

“Time Travel and Warp Drives” discusses time travel and faster-than-light travel science. Four portions of the book cover distinct aspects of these themes. Each section’s highlights:

  1. Time Travel
  • Time travel is conceivable according to physics, but technology restrictions and paradoxes may prevent it.
  • Einstein’s theory of relativity’s temporal dilation allows time travel to the future.
  • Wormholes may allow time travel to the past, but generating and manipulating them is currently impossible.
  • Time travel may be possible through parallel universes or alternate timelines.

2. Faster-Than-Light Travel

  • Wormholes and warp drives may enable faster-than-light travel.
  • Alcubierre’s warp drive idea proposes manipulating space-time to produce a faster-than-light bubble.
  • Warp drive requires negative energy, which is unknown.

3. Exotic Propulsion

  • Antimatter engines, fusion rockets, and ion thrusters are being developed to speed up space travel.
  • Antimatter fuel could revolutionize space travel, but it’s hard and expensive to make.
  • Fusion rockets could provide great thrust and efficient propulsion, but they need considerable technological advances to become feasible.

4. Cosmic Time Machines

  • Cosmic strings as time machines are examined.
  • Space-time cosmic threads could control time.
  • However, the possibility of employing cosmic strings as time machines need further research.

“Time Travel and Warp Drives” is fascinating. The book discusses current theories and technologies in various fields and the challenges to implementing them.

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