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  • PDF Name: Unlocking Contract Law
  • Author: Chris Turner
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2004
  • Pages: 492
  • File Size: 6.86 MB
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Summary of Unlocking Contract Law by Chris Turner

“Unlocking Contract Law” Highlights:

1. Introduction to Contract Law:

  • Definition of a contract
  • Formation of a contract
  • Essential elements of a contract
  • Offer and acceptance

2. Types of Contracts:

  • Express and implied contracts
  • Unilateral and bilateral contracts
  • Executed and executory contracts
  • Void and voidable contracts

3. Contractual Terms:

  • Express terms and implied terms
  • Conditions, warranties, and innominate terms
  • Exclusion clauses and their enforceability
  • Misrepresentation and its effects on contract terms

4. Vitiating Factors:

  • Mistake, duress, and undue influence
  • Illegality and public policy
  • Unconscionability and inequality of bargaining power

5. Discharge of Contract:

  • Performance and breach of contract
  • Frustration and impossibility
  • Termination and rescission

6. Remedies for Breach of Contract:

  • Damages and their types
  • Specific performance and injunctions
  • Rescission and restitution

7. Third-Party Rights:

  • Privity of contract and its limitations
  • Assignment and novation of contracts
  • Rights of third-party beneficiaries

8. International Contracts:

  • Applicability of contract law in international transactions
  • Choice of law and jurisdiction clauses
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

9. The Role of Contract Law in Business:

  • Importance of contract law in commercial transactions
  • Contractual risk management
  • Negotiating and drafting effective contracts

10. Recent Developments and Case Studies:

  • Notable contract law cases and their implications
  • Emerging trends and legal reforms

These main points assume that “Unlocking Contract Law” covers contract law basics.

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