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  • PDF Name: The Browser Hacker’s Handbook
  • Author: Wade Alcorn
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2014
  • Pages: 650
  • File Size: 12.4 MB
  • Downloads Type: Free PDF Download Books
  • PDF File Name: The-Browser-Hackers-Handbook.pdf
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  • Category of the Book: Education
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Summary of The Browser Hacker’s Handbook by Wade Alcorn

Highlights of “The Browser Hacker’s Handbook”

Wade Alcorn, Christian Frichot, and Michele Orru wrote “The Browser Hacker’s Handbook”. It covers browser security and hacking. The book has four segments with significant points:

Part 1: Browser Security 101

  1. Explains browser security and history.
  2. Explains contemporary browser architecture.
  3. Discusses web attack types and browser security.

Part 2: Attacking Client

  1. Explains DOM-based, JavaScript, and CSS client-side attacks.
  2. Discusses browser extension and add-on vulnerabilities
  3. Discusses circumventing client-side security features like same-origin policy and content security policy.

Part 3: Network Attack

  1. Targets DNS poisoning, ARP spoofing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  2. Explains browser security using proxies and VPNs.
  3. Advanced SSL/TLS encryption attacks

Part 4: Advanced Topics

  1. Covers advanced subjects such browser fuzzing, memory corruption, and JIT spraying
  2. Detects and mitigates browser-based threats.
  3. Presents actual browser-based assaults and their effects.

“The Browser Hacker’s Handbook” covers web browser vulnerabilities. Web developers, security professionals, and web browser security enthusiasts need it.

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