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  • PDF Name: The Intelligent Negotiator
  • Author: Charles B. Craver
  • Book’s Language: English
  • Published Year: 2002
  • Pages: 223
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Summary of The Intelligent Negotiator by Charles B. Craver

“The Intelligent Negotiator: What to Say, What to Do, How to Get What You Want Every Time” highlights.

  1. Preparation is key: Do your research before negotiating. This requires knowing your goals, the other party’s, and the essential information and numbers.
  2. Establishing rapport: To operate well together, you must build rapport. Find common ground, exhibit empathy, and listen.
  3. Negotiations require good communication. Communicate clearly and concisely. Understanding the other side requires active listening.
  4. Understanding emotions: Negotiations can be emotional, therefore you must understand and respond to your own and the other party’s sentiments.
  5. Win-win solutions: Negotiations should attempt to benefit both parties. This involves compromise and shared interests.
  6. Dealing with problematic negotiators: Some negotiators are antagonistic. Stay cool, listen actively, and try to comprehend the other party in these situations.
  7. Negotiation tactics: Make the first offer, anchor, and frame. Knowing how and when to employ these approaches is crucial.
  8. Closing the deal: This concludes negotiations. This requires forming a mutually beneficial agreement and ensuring both parties understand and agree to the conditions.

“The Intelligent Negotiator” teaches negotiation skills through preparation, communication, and win-win solutions.

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